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How to Promote a Book on Social Media: Instagram 101

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Are you prepared to market and promote your book online?
Writing a book is only half the battle. You also have to make it sell.

Hi, I'm Bex—Creator & Instructor of Author Influence

An estimated 2.2 million books are produced worldwide each year.* How will you make yours stand out? By learning the marketing and promotions side of the publishing industry you will build relevant skills to help you dominate in a competitive market.

Many authors already know they need to:

  • build an author brand
  • market with social media
  • engage with readers

…in order to find success. Yet they all share the same simple question: how? Author Influence training is your guide. 

No matter what online training you seek out for your writing career, it’s important that you first realize who you are learning from. Are they qualified to teach the subjects they’re offering? At Author Influence you are learning from a practicing Instagram Influencer who grew her audience from zero to numbers in the thousands—just by talking about books. Now she teaches authors and writers how to do the same. 

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What Our Students Have to Say

I'm so happy to have discovered Bex and Author Influence, and would highly recommend it for authors interested in expanding their knowledge of Instagram and exploring a better way to connect with readers online.
Mary Kubica
bestselling psychological thriller author
The informational tutorials and Bex's approachable manner made the learning process so engaging, and I found myself eager to implement all of the suggested changes. Not only have I completely transformed my Instagram feed, as well as my views on how it can benefit an author, I have seen my number of followers shoot up and engagement is at an all time high!
Kim Chance
young adult author
In just a few weeks, my Instagram following nearly doubled as I implemented the fantastic information presented by Author Influence. From photography to hashtags to stories to optimum time to post—and much more—every aspect of my account has been improved.
Camille Di Maio
bestselling historical fiction author
Author Influence triggered a complete paradigm shift for how I view the role of social media as an author, the importance of branding, and the feasibility of creating a successful account. I recommend it to any authors wanting to make the jump into the Instagram world who are unsure of where to start, or where to take their existing accounts.
Lara Hues
young adult author

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