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Our Story

So, you’ve written a book. Now what? That’s the question thousands of authors ask themselves every single year. There are plenty of resources teaching how to improve your writing craft, but fewer still to help you understand what to do once you’ve completed that writing and you’re ready to share it with the world. Often (and this may sound familiar to you), the information authors can find online for book marketing is outdated, confusing, and incomplete. You may spend hours scouring blog posts only to find half-answers that make you question your next step. It’s likely you end up with a marketing plan more bewildering than productive.

An estimated 2.2 million books are published worldwide each year. Furthermore, an estimated one million self-published books were released in 2017.* Competition for readers in the book market is higher than ever. How will you stand out?

Book publishing has stepped into the future. Why, then, are so many authors using promotional strategies stuck in the past?

Traditional methods are in direct competition with those more modern. 
Traditional methods are expensive. Modern methods are more budget-friendly.
Traditional methods require a team of many. Modern methods can be done by a team of one.

Yet, so few authors are taking advantage of the ample modern strategies (such as social media marketing) that bring more aware authors to great success and leave the less aware far behind.

Author Influence creator Bex Skoog noticed this gap in writer training over her years spent on the other side of the publishing industry. As a book blogger, one who helps promote hundreds of books to thousands of readers each year, she noticed a growing disconnect between the modern strategies used by the online literary community that helps promote book sales and the creators of the books themselves. A few authors were getting it right. Most, though, were setting out with the best intentions, only to strike out wrong. Then Bex asked herself a question:

What if authors could know what social media influencers know?

What if authors understood the modern strategies that influencers use to grow audiences in the thousands? What if they could harness that power for themselves and catapult their careers into greater victories, greater audiences, and greater success?

And thus, Author Influence was created. 

Our mission is to help authors learn better strategies for a successful writing career in the modern market. We hope you find the tools, training, and resources on this website as valuable as our previous students. If you do, we’d love to hear from you. Please send a message about your experience learning from Author Influence via our contact page. We read every message.

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Bex Skoog—Creator of Author Influence

About Bex

Instagram Influencer Bex Skoog is creator of the popular book blog 'Out of the Bex' and the instructional website for book marketing, 'Author Influence.' Bex has grown her Instagram platform from zero to thousands strong—just by talking about books. She believes that, no matter how daunting it seems at the start, social media is a learnable skill that anyone can master. Bex is known for her approachable teaching style that simplifies complex ideas into easy, actionable steps. She lives outside of Washington DC with her husband, an overstocked tea cabinet, and hundreds of stray books that have found their forever home.

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How to Promote a Book on Social Media: Instagram 101

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Author Influence Complete Instagram Course

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What Our Students Have to Say

I'm so happy to have discovered Bex and Author Influence, and would highly recommend it for authors interested in expanding their knowledge of Instagram and exploring a better way to connect with readers online.
Mary Kubica
bestselling author
The informational tutorials and Bex's approachable manner made the learning process so engaging, and I found myself eager to implement all of the suggested changes. Not only have I completely transformed my Instagram feed, as well as my views on how it can benefit an author, I have seen my number of followers shoot up and engagement is at an all time high!
Kim Chance
ya author
In just a few weeks, my Instagram following nearly doubled as I implemented the fantastic information presented by Author Influence. From photography to hashtags to stories to optimum time to post—and much more—every aspect of my account has been improved.
Camille Di Maio
bestselling historical fiction author
Author Influence triggered a complete paradigm shift for how I view the role of social media as an author, the importance of branding, and the feasibility of creating a successful account. I recommend it to any authors wanting to make the jump into the Instagram world who are unsure of where to start, or where to take their existing accounts.
Lara Hues
young adult author


If there is a topic not currently included on our website that you would like to submit for possible coverage, please send your request or question through our contact page. We read every message. 

Yes. Published or unpublished, Author Influence can help you further your writing career. The earlier you start learning marketing and promotional strategies, the better off you may be. Author Influence has students of all ages, skill levels, and stages. You are not alone in this group. 

Perhaps a quote from Karen Lamb best answers this question, “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” The time is now. Start learning.

The Author Influence Instagram Course is applicable for all skill levels. There are resources for both those who have never opened the Instagram app and those who have been using the app for years, but lacked a social strategy. You will find currently enrolled students come from a myriad of experiences and skill levels. Some starting out, some more advanced. All are welcome.

The most cost-effective way to received personalized coaching is through the enrollment of our paid course (Author Influence Instagram Course) where access to a paid-student only Facebook group includes direct access to Author Influence creator, Bex Skoog, for one-on-one  feedback.

If you would like one-on-one coaching outside of paid courses, Bex considers applications on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a message through our contact page for more details.