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How to Promote a Book on Social Media: Instagram 101

Struggling to grow your Author Platform? Start here. In this free course, you'll learn what's wrong with what you're posting now and what to post instead!

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What Our Students Have to Say

Author Influence is an invaluable resource for any writer hoping to build their author platform on Instagram. The courses are practical, detailed and tell you exactly what you need to do to attract traffic. The videos are straight-forward, simple to understand, and short—perfect for a mummy writer like myself! My page has taken a whole new turn since starting the program and I can already see an increase in followers and engagement.
Alwia Al-Hassan
author and blogger
This training has the whole package. Bex addresses all aspects of Instagram and makes you aware of details you may not even realize are important! If you're brand-new to Instagram, these tips are vital, seriously. If you've nejoyed Instagram for awhile, you'll still be surprised at how much you have to learn—I know I was! Loved this training and would totally purchase it again.
Bethany Atazadeh
author and writing coach
I'm so happy to have discovered Bex and Author Influence, and would highly recommend it for authors interested in expanding their knowledge of Instagram and exploring a better way to connect with readers online.
Mary Kubica
bestselling author
The informational tutorials and Bex's approachable manner made the learning process so engaging, and I found myself eager to implement all of the suggested changes. Not only have I completely transformed my Instagram feed, as well as my views on how it can benefit an author, I have seen my number of followers shoot up and engagement is at an all time high!
Kim Chance
ya author