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The only Instagram course that teaches authors how to build a brand, grow a writing platform, and dominate social media marketing with the skills of an influencer.

What's Inside?

The Complete Instagram Course is Author Influence’s flagship program. 
Inside you will find:




video lessons



promote your book

#Bookstagram alone has over 34 million Instagram posts, all created by a niche community of book lovers searching for their next great read. That next great read? It could be yours. Learn to harness the power of Instagram and you promote your book to an online community of readers thousands strong.

proven social media strategy

This course teaches the exact strategy our Author Influence founder used to grow her following from less than one hundred to over forty thousand. This strategy has been proven time and again to help authors grow on Instagram by writers like Mary Kubica, Kim Chance, and Camille Di Maio who have all used Author Influence strategies to build their platform.

hashtags for authors

Get the skills you need to understand hashtags, write engaging captions, and create the perfect Instagram bio. These are crucial social media marketing elements that, when used strategically, will attract your target audience of readers, grow your following, and build your author brand.

build an author platform

Make your brand recognizable, memorable, and worthy of reader attention. A great author platform sells more books. And their part in your book marketing strategy is more important than ever. Authors who use Instagram are able to promote their work to new readers, grow a dedicated following that actually supports the sale of their books, and develop an online presence that builds upon its own success.

+ these bonuses

private facebook group

Access the Instagram Course author community, exclusive to students.

personalized feedback

Get answers to your unique questions as you make your way through the course.

watch over +21 bonus videos

Watch over twenty-one bonus video lessons with more scheduled to be added over time.

Find Clarity.
Gain Confidence.

Stop feeling confused about what to post and why. The Author Influence Instagram Course teaches you the science behind the social strategy that makes Instagram the perfect platform for writers. Get ready to feel confident when you open your app.

Grow Followers Organically

What if I told you you could find engaged followers without buying bots, spamming other accounts, or spending tons of money on expensive ads? You can. Learn an Instagram strategy like this one and watch your author platform grow with dedicated followers—followers who will gladly support your brand, your book, and your success online.

Attract Readers.
Old and New.

Do you struggle to find readers? Build your platform using this strategy and readers will start to come to you. You don't have to waste your ad budget on expensive post promotion fees. Instead, learn to harness the power of organic social media and get ready to build an influence  that both attract new readers and connects you with old ones.

Lesson Topics

Here are just a few example lesson topics that are covered inside the course:

Harness the 3 Keys to Instagram Success so you can crack the social media code and learn the smart modification that makes the Author Influence strategy work. After these lessons, you’ll understand the concept of consistency and how it works to build your brand success.

Gain influencer insight on how to create a profile that’s geared for growth so you can start capturing your target audience right away.

You will learn the Author Influence systems for:

  • ​Finding a great profile photo
  • ​Choosing the right username and why it matters​
  • The 3-Step Strategy for writing a bio that converts​
  • Plus, how to use the hyperlink section to promote your book

Harness the proper techniques for captions and hashtags to propel your brand: 

  • ​Steal an influencer’s formula for captions that get more attention
  • ​Learn how to use & find hashtags that attract your target audience
  •  How to increase read-through rates with line breaks

Learn how to use your Stories to build connection with your viewers and turn readers into fans. ​Plus, easily create branded Story Highlight covers without the need for expensive technology or hiring out a designer

Don’t settle for strategies that don’t work like buying bots, spamming other accounts. Instead, learn Author Influencer founder Bex Skoog’s exact strategies for gaining followers that took her from 0 to +40k

There’s nothing worse than making a social faux paus, especially in an online world where mistakes never truly go away. Learn the rules of modern online etiquette to ensure your brand success.

​Includes access to the 8-rule cheat sheet that makes sure you’re making the best possible impression.

Instagram Influencers have mastered the Know, Like, and Trust factor. As a result, they have incredible influence over their followers’ purchasing decisions. By collaborating with influencers you can get your book in front of thousands of readers with a single post.

In the Instagram Course you will gain insights into how to land more influencer and blogger collaborations in order to better:

  •  Promote your book
  •  Increase your sales
  •  And attract new readers

Expert Reviews

See what these authors had to say about the
Author Influence Instagram Course:

I can't thank Bex enough for opening my eyes to the world of Instagram! Though I'm still learning, Bex is utterly knowledgeable, savvy, detail-oriented and engaging, and the program itself is timely and smart. Both Bex and the Author Influence program have had such positive results on my Instagram feed, thereby helping me engage with more potential readers. Every time I watched one of Bex's videos, I gained a wealth of knowledge into Instagram. Her instructions are simple and straightforward, but even more, Bex gives the opportunity for participants to explore, ask questions and seek peer advice through a private, nonjudgmental, supportive Facebook group. I'm so happy to have discovered Bex and Author Influence, and would highly recommend it for authors interested in expanding their knowledge of Instagram and exploring a better way to connect with readers online.
mary kubica
Author Influence is a course I would 100% recommend for fellow authors! Before I started it, I assumed I knew everything there was to know about Instagram and how to integrate it into my author platform. However, the Author Influence program showed me that I was only tapping in to a very small percentage of my account's potential. The informational tutorials and Bex's approachable manner made the learning process so engaging, and I found myself eager to implement all of the suggested changes. Not only have I completely transformed my Instagram feed, as well as my views on how it can benefit an author, I have seen my number of followers shoot up and engagement is at an all time high! Thanks to Bex and Author Influence, I'm making more connections than ever! I can't recommend this program enough!
kim chance
Author Influence triggered a complete paradigm shift for how I view the role of social media as an author, the importance of branding, and the feasibility of creating a successful account. When I started the course I didn't have an Instagram account at all. When I finished, only a couple weeks later, I had over 100 followers. I gain more daily. I loved that I was able to take the course at my own speed, and implement my new knowledge to my account. I found immediate success. The lessons on photography, particularly the advice about choosing to a color scheme, filter, and the rule of thirds, have really made a difference for me. Bex was fantastic as an instructor as she was both animated, knowledgeable, and approachable. Communication with her and others taking the course was both enjoyable and instructional. I recommend it to any authors wanting to make the jump into the Instagram world who are unsure of where to start, or where to take their existing accounts.
lara hues

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have an additional questions about the Instagram Course, please feel free to send an email to

What skill level do i need for this course?

Students of all skill levels are welcome to take the Instagram Course whether you A) are just getting started with social media marketing or B) have been using the Instagram platform for some time, but haven’t gotten the results you need. 

will i get support when i have questions?

Yes, you will! Included in your course purchase is access to a private Facebook Group created only for Instagram Course enrollees. Here you can receive personalized feedback, ask questions and get answers from your instructor, and connect with fellow authors.

can we chat about our progress with other students?

Yes! The exclusive Facebook community (included with your course purchase) is where you can connect with like-minded authors to get friendly support and encouragement from students seeking the same goals as you. This Facebook Group is a welcoming pace where you can truly feel at ease as you learn new skills while getting honest, but kind, feedback.

what if I'm not a published author yet? Can i still take this course?

Of course! While many enrollees are published authors, there are also many who have not yet completed the publishing process. Some are in the process of completing WIPs, others are querying. These students have made the wise decision to start building their author platform now, rather than waiting until post-publication. Goal-driven writers like these take advice from Karen Lamb to heart, “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” Wise words indeed.


Confidently promote your book online with a direct, easy-to-implement social media strategy on Instagram. Learn to increase book sales through better branding, the growth of quality followers, and access to your target audience. The Instagram Course teaches authors to harness modern marketing strategies that sell—without feeling salesy. +21 video lessons guide you through simple, actionable steps so you can finally feeling joyful and excited about your author platform, instead of unsure and confused. Spend more time writing, and less time worrying about your marketing strategy. 

This is the only Instagram course you’ll ever need for Author Platform success.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for authors to harness as part of their book marketing strategy. It is home to a large, niche community of readers who create content solely for the purpose of sharing books. This targeted audience of readers is an incredible resource for writers. Take advantage of Instagram as the perfect tool to grow your author platform, build your brand, promote your work, and—ultimately—sell more books.

The Complete Instagram Course

by Author Influence
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  • 7 Worksheets
  • Personalized Feedback
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  • +20 Bonus Videos
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